Jenna’s faves of 2014: BOOKS

best of 2014

Hello! So if you know me, you know that I like a lot of things. Like, a lot of things. I pretty much eat media artifacts like they’re food. (They are food, right?) There’s been a lot of great stuff that’s come out in 2014, and I wanted to gush a little bit about my favorite things across a whole mess of categories. With that in mind, I’m going to come out with one of these every day (or so…) until the end of the year.

First up! BOOKS.


1. Station Eleven [Emily St. John Mandel]
The end of the world, but told ever so gently and humanely. Featuring a post-apocalyptic traveling Shakespeare troupe and a treatise on building your own world. I do not exaggerate when I say that this book made me look at the world with fresh eyes.

wolf in white van

2. Wolf in White Van [John Darnielle]
That guy from the Mountain Goats writes a twisty, fucked-up character study about a super-damaged dude and the world he makes up to cope with everything he’s lost. (I guess I really like books about people making up their own worlds.)

sex criminals

3. Sex Criminals, Vol. 1 [Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky]
So yeah, it’s a comic book series about two people who can stop time with orgasms. But don’t let the title or the premise scare you off—it’s smart, funny, moving, and for all the craziness, super duper real. Fraction and Zdarsky also manage to pull off what I guess I’d characterize as an illustrated music video to the tune of “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

Yes Please

4. Yes Please [Amy Poehler]
I listened to the audiobook of this one, which I would highly recommend to you as well. Walking down the street with Amy Poehler’s voice in your ear telling you about her crazy SNL experiences and why you should do more awesome stuff with your life is a rare pleasure.

This One Summer

5. This One Summer [Mariko and Jillian Tamaki]
A beautifully drawn, verbally spare graphic novel about exactly what it’s like to be 13 years old, on vacation, and confused, amazed and disgusted by the world around you.

Coming up: Albums, movies, theater and TV shows. Stay tuned!